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Security Based on Open Source

A New Era of Security Based on Open Source Technology and Standards

IBM Cloud Pak for Security is a platform that integrates your existing security tools to offer deeper insights into threats across hybrid multicloud environments, using an infrastructure-independent common operating environment that runs anywhere. Cloud Pak for Security connects all your data sources-helping you uncover hidden threats and make more informed, risk-based decisions-while leaving the data where it resides. Finally, IBM Cloud Pak for Security is built on open, cloud native technology that is pre-integrated with Red Hat OpenShift.

Defragmentation of security with a platform approach

During a recent webinar with Joseph Blankenship, Vice President and Director of Research at Forrester Research, and James Murphy, Senior Offering Manager at IBM Security, I had the opportunity to chat about the complexity of today's security landscape. After discussing common security challenges and possible solutions, and examining security platforms in detail, Murphy gave an overview of how IBM tackles security complexity with IBM Cloud Pak for Security, a security platform that helps security professionals identify hidden threats, make informed, risk-based decisions, and prioritize team time. The webinar we recorded includes a quick demonstration of Cloud Pak for Security so viewers can see it in action and better understand how the platform brings security data and workflows together into a unified experience without the need for data migration.
Security Best Practices

Security Best Practices for Web Application

Incorporating security best practices for the security of web applications during application development can plug some of these holes and ensure that applications meet security standards and are free of vulnerabilities. Some common types of security headers are HTTP-strict transport security HSTS, X-XSS protection, X-content-type-options, X-frame-options and Content-Security-Policy. You will find many security tools for web applications that can identify security risks in code with SAST. However, SAST can give a lot of false positive results, so analyze and filter the results carefully so that you can fix the real problems. Many cloud security tools focus on the use of real-time data, but not on historical data stored deep in archives. Best security practices for historical data include improved data classification to identify different sensitivities and develop policies to prevent data loss in order to have an action plan in case of a data breach.
Security Data

Security Data With Multicloud Environment

Security is a shared responsibility between vendor and customer, with even more responsibility going to the customer with a platform as Service PaaS or infrastructure as Service IaaS. Learn exactly what protects the vendor's security and work with them to find the right security tools to protect your data and applications. Many cloud security tools focus on the use of real-time data, but not on historical data stored deep in archives. Best security practices for historical data include improved data classification to identify different sensitivities and develop policies to prevent data loss in order to have an action plan in case of a data breach.
Data Security

The Data Center Isn’t Dying, But It Is Changing

The datacenter isn't dead yet. But driven by the increasing complexity of IoT, edge services, and SaaS, datacenters will need to evolve over time. Some experts believe that software-defined datacenters will be the new future. How are you looking to evolve your datacenter? At Global Solutions IT, Inc, we have industry professionals with years of experience helping organizations plan, adopt, and implement the solutions they need to keep their IT infrastructure up to date with the changing digital landscape. Contact us to learn how we can help your business plan for the future.

Tools and technology for developing future-ready skills

Labor economists predict that 65% of today's primary school students will be in jobs that haven't been invented yet. How can we prepare our students for a world no one can see coming? At Global Solutions IT, Inc, we are confident it is possible to effectively prepare students for the future, even a fuzzy one. Microsoft focuses on using technology in ways that develop soft skills, such as creativity and communication; planting the seed early on for students to work in harmony with technology to solve business problems. Contact us to learn more about the tools Microsoft is implementing to achieve these objectives.

Increasing employee productivity with Microsoft Search in Bing and PowerApps

You want your employees to be their most creative, innovative, and productive always. So does Microsoft. To improve their employee experience, Microsoft implemented Microsoft Search in Bing to enhance the discoverability of information, people, and apps. It helps their employees to find internal resources and complete common tasks in one place. Now you can take those same tools and create a modern IT infrastructure for your employees, and we can help. At Global Solutions IT, Inc, we have years of experience helping businesses just like yours update and modernize their IT. Contact us today to learn more.

How do I find and manage shadow IT and rogue devices, and put policies in place to ensure we remain secure?

Picture this: your sales team leader excitedly tells you about their new plan to use cloud apps and the latest devices to become more mobile and better reach clients. As the security advisor, your first thought is that more endpoints mean more risk for data security. With the tools from Microsoft 365, you don't have to stress anymore. You can analyze the risk of each app used, monitor for login attempts from suspicious devices, and protect sensitive data wherever it travels--all through Microsoft 365. Don't let security concerns stand in the way of progress. Give your IT team the tools they need to help the rest of your business thrive.

Defend, protect, secure. IT heroes in action.

The IT professionals in your office do far more than just help you reset your password or recover files from a crashed computer. From the first thing Monday morning onward, these heroes are hard at work protecting your organization. IT is always at the ready to respond to threats when detected through tools like Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection and Cloud App Security, all while laying the groundwork to avoid future attacks. The security features in Microsoft 365 can help your IT heroes perform their jobs more effectively. Give them the help they deserve with tools that benefit your entire organization. Contact us to learn more.
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