A New Era of Security Based on Open Source Technology and Standards

Security Based on Open Source

A New Era of Security Based on Open Source Technology and Standards

Security based on open source technology and standards.

Earlier this year, IBM introduced Cloud Paks to help companies move to the cloud. No matter where they are on their journey, most companies face daunting security challenges. The common theme we hear from leading security policymakers is that they have too many tools, too much data, and a growing skills gap.

Security teams typically buy new tools with the aim of solving new problems, and with each new tool, the amount of security data they need to review and examine increases. As the data is then distributed across multiple different tools, clouds, and on-site environments, trying to understand their risk becomes a challenge. We have seen how many teams try to solve this through costly and complex integrations, or, in some cases, by relying on individuals as “human glue” to merge information.

The real concern that these challenges raise is that threats can be overlooked or overlooked, putting the business at risk.

Today, we are helping organizations address these challenges head-on, ushering in a new era of security based on open-source technologies and standards. IBM Cloud Pak for Security is a platform that integrates your existing security tools to provide deeper insights into threats in hybrid, multicloud environments, using an infrastructure-independent shared operating environment that runs everywhere. Security teams can quickly search for threats and respond with automated actions without moving the underlying data.

Gain security knowledge without moving your data

Cloud Pak for Security connects all your data sources and helps you discover hidden threats and make more informed, risk-based decisions while leaving the data where it is. Specifically, the solution uses a combination of open standards and IBM innovation to search for threat indicators in every cloud or site.

React quickly to security incidents with automation

Once a threat is detected, Cloud Pak for Security helps connect workflows to a unified interface to help teams respond quickly, giving teams the ability to orchestrate their responses and automate security-related actions.

Run everywhere and communicate openly

After all, IBM Cloud Pak for Security is based on open, native cloud technology that is already integrated into Red Hat OpenShift, meaning that the solution can be deployed and run in any environment, whether on-site or in the cloud.

In addition, as a co-founder of the OASIS Open Cybersecurity Alliance, IBM has partnered with dozens of companies to promote interoperability and help reduce vendor loyalty within the security community through jointly developed open source technologies.

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