Compliance Is The New Normal — It’s Time To Lock Down The Data

Modern Cloud

Improve the user experience, enhance data security, simplify management, and reduce overhead costs with @Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop. Get started with a complete, intelligent solution that enhances creativity and collaboration for everyone. Get the latest updates and learn more about Windows Virtual Desktop by subscribing now.

Generate Value with Proactive Insights

Recently, 41% of businesses reported struggling to turn their data into decisions. Meanwhile, 61% of customers won't return if they have a bad customer experience, and customers want personalized experiences that reflect their behaviors and preferences, with expectations higher than ever. Proactive #CustomerInsights from @Microsoft has you covered with a unified view of both customer and operational data. Find out more in this video.

Risk by the numbers: 15 cybersecurity stats that matter most to your business

You know that many small and mid-size businesses are unprepared for today's cyberthreats. Is your business prepared to weather any cyber storm? If you're not, don't worry, we can help. At [$profile.organization]*, we can ensure that you have the best weapons in your security arsenal. Check out these statistics to inform the conversation about how to ramp up your company's security measures.

Powerful alone, better together

Using data proactively is integral to helping inform sustainable, adaptive business practices. @Microsoft Power BI is a flexible platform that uses #AI and #analytics to provide valuable insights into your entire organization. This infographic gets you started with connecting Power BI across the whole Microsoft Power Platform, #Office365, #Azure, and hundreds of additional apps.

A New Era of Security Based on Open Source Technology and Standards

IBM Cloud Pak for Security is a platform that integrates your existing security tools to offer deeper insights into threats across hybrid multicloud environments, using an infrastructure-independent common operating environment that runs anywhere. Cloud Pak for Security connects all your data sources-helping you uncover hidden threats and make more informed, risk-based decisions-while leaving the data where it resides. Finally, IBM Cloud Pak for Security is built on open, cloud native technology that is pre-integrated with Red Hat OpenShift.

Defragmentation of security with a platform approach

During a recent webinar with Joseph Blankenship, Vice President and Director of Research at Forrester Research, and James Murphy, Senior Offering Manager at IBM Security, I had the opportunity to chat about the complexity of today's security landscape. After discussing common security challenges and possible solutions, and examining security platforms in detail, Murphy gave an overview of how IBM tackles security complexity with IBM Cloud Pak for Security, a security platform that helps security professionals identify hidden threats, make informed, risk-based decisions, and prioritize team time. The webinar we recorded includes a quick demonstration of Cloud Pak for Security so viewers can see it in action and better understand how the platform brings security data and workflows together into a unified experience without the need for data migration.
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