Month: August 2021

Get started with GitHub and Azure DevOps

Adopting the tools and mindset of DevOps can facilitate development efficiency, boost productivity, and increase the rate at which products can be brought to market. Are you ready to dive into DevOps as a concept including how GitHub and Azure DevOps can help reduce overhead and get you where you want to go faster? Sign up to stay connected.

Empowering the Frontline Workforce: Forbes Insights

Organizations that empower their Frontline Workers and include them in digital transformation are 3Xs more likely to see faster growth, greater customer satisfaction, increased productivity, more innovation, and better communications. Unfortunately, many companies aren't including this workforce. Learn why that's a problem and what you can do for your own company to ensure growth. Read this report from Forbes Insights and Microsoft.

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Your Frontline Workers have the power to drive your business's digital transformation and ensure success. But they need the right tools and technology to do it. Are you ready to connect and engage your Frontline Workers and have an impactful digital transformation? Microsoft can help. Subscribe today for more.

Grant Thornton closes new opportunities faster with Dynamics 365 Sales Insights and AI

Grant Thornton is a global public #accounting and consulting firm that serves the largest global companies in the world, both public and private. With @Azure and #Dynamics365, they tie macro-level economic trends to micro-level needs and deliver that information to team members around the world. Learn more about how they use Microsoft solutions to meet company needs with this video:

Accelerate developer velocity using any platform, any language, and any cloud

Teams that adopt DevOps culture, practices, and tools become high-performing—building better products faster for greater customer satisfaction. This improved collaboration and productivity is essential to achieve business goals such as accelerating time to market, adapting to the market and competition, maintaining system stability and reliability, and improving the mean time to recovery. Subscribe to stay connected. We'll help you learn more about Azure DevOps with GitHub and Visual Studio from Microsoft
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