IBM presents the Cloud of Clouds for smarter companies

Securely store, process and develop on a cloud infrastructure. The IBM Cloud Platform offers high compatibility for the technological renewal of your company.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing, also known as Cloud Computing, is a technology that offers a wide variety of resources that can be used anywhere in the world, with a simple access to the internet. The cloud gets its name precisely because of the ease of access and use, which allows the program to be used does not need to be installed on the local computer.

Among the resources that can be found with this global access and use are Processing, Storage, Machine Leaning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) as is the case with Watson product categories, for example Watson Discovery, among others.

These Cloud Computing resources can be used in several ways: for data analysis, documents, images, software and even for the development of new applications or models depending on the needs of each company.