IBM RPA with Automation Anywhere

IBM RPA with Automation Anywhere V10 combines robotic process automation with business process management to maximize the automation opportunities within your business

Value proposition

Only IBM and Automation Anywhere can deliver the worlds most advanced platform to integrate people, systems, and bots across the widest assortment of processes offering companies the fastest time to value of any Digital Process Automation solution. By lowering the barriers to process automation, we help companies rapidly create, improve and manage more routine processes, freeing time and resources to create greater business value

Automation Anywhere adds complementary value to the IBM Digital Process Automation platform

  • Human-centric & straight-through processes
  • Ad hoc processes & cases
  • Business rules & operational decisions

RPA lowers the barriers to:

  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Eliminate swivel chair integration
  • Reduce data entry errors
  • KPIs track performance across each business process & customer journey
  • Process SLAs specify performance targets for end-to-end process execution
  • SLAs can be set to take appropriate action if performance is at risk
  • Rapid modeling, configuration, testing & deployment
  • Graphical process models can be understood & edited by both business & IT
  • Built-in change management & lifecycle governance

How RPA Works

RPA ‘bots’ replicate the actions of humans interacting with application user interfaces

No changes to existing interfaces

Reduces swivel chair integration

Efficiently execute high volume work

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