For admins and end users, when you sign in to, you will see a page with Office tiles. The tiles that appear depend on what licenses you have. For example, if you have licenses for Office and Dynamics 365 apps, you’ll see tiles for Office apps like Word, OneDrive, and SharePoint, as well as a tile for Dynamics 365 apps.

Office tile page

Select the Dynamics 365 apps tile to go to the Dynamics 365 home page.

If you’re a system administrator, you’ll see an Admin tile. Select this tile to get to the Microsoft 365 admin center, where you can see your service health, manage users, manage licenses, and more for all the online services associated with your account.

From there, you can get to the Dynamics 365 admin center. Select Show all > All admin centers > Dynamics 365.

Direct sign in to the Dynamics 365 home page

Your business apps are moving

In the future, the home for all of your business applications across Dynamics and the Power Platform will move to the apps page on This will help ensure that your end-users have a single spot to find all of their apps across the Microsoft ecosystem. Once the apps on the Dynamics home page have moved to, we will provide a banner redirecting users to their new home.

After October 1, 2020, when users navigate to, they will be redirected to with a deep link to their business applications.