Excellence in Innovation

A Global Solutions is a international technology and innovation firm being specialized in IBM and HCL software platform products. The solutions have a wide range of complementary technologies that provide integrated collaboration tools, enterprise social solutions, content management, cloud solutions and integration solutions that benefit the management of technology and the people involved according to business needs.

IBM and HCL solution products add many features, having robust capabilities, security, integration, scalability and independence of the IT infrastructure adapting to the business.



Our team has high experience promoting the solution and creating complexities of various types, correctly applying the methodologies that guarantee excellent results. Having experience with such products, the Global Solutions is a business partner and reseller authorized IBM, Microsoft, Amazon AWS and HCL solutions which has a bond of trust and strategy.



Our mission is to provide and assist, customers and partners to get the best experience and control of your business, reducing costs and generating real profits to your company, because we know how important it is to your success.